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Reading with a broken leg

Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

It seems like a fantasy, the summer I have always dreamt of during my childhood years.

But then it wasn't - this summer I'm not traveling to Bali to swim with dolphins (I don't know if that's accurate, ok? I just don't really care - it's a dream) or meeting prince charming in New York while shopping.


This summer, I'm recovering from the fact that a doctor cut open my leg and broke it on purpose. Yup, I have a broken leg and not because of some exciting fall while climbing a mountain or a high heel accident while partying with prince Harry. No, I was "fine" two weeks ago and someone deliberately broke my leg, so it can be fixed in the long run.


Medical details are boring to read, and I'm also not very good at explaining what exactly is wrong with my leg, so I think you have enough information now. At least it will explain my two week silence on this site and on my blog.


However, I try to be as optimistic as possible about everything and soon decided that this summer could be a dream summer - it could be my reading summer! So when I still lived in London (sigh, take me back) I stocked up on books and decided to read read read read read. What else could I want to do when not walking?


So I went to the hospital with Attachments by Rainbow Rowell tight in my hand and the dream of reading it the moment I got out of surgery.


I think at this point it would have been nice if someone had told me that that's not how a person works after surgery. But no one did, so I was still optimistic.

Lets crush some dreams then - you cannot read a book when you're just out of surgery, even if "it's just my knee". You can't read the next day or the day after or the entire first week. Your mind is fuzzy, you're extremely tired from doing absolutely nothing and all you can manage to do is stare in wonderment at a mother who complains to Dr Phil about her daughter (and even that doesn't stick in your head, though I doubt Dr Phil ever sticks in anyone's head).


But fairy tales always have a happy ending and in this case, I CAN READ AGAIN. I finished Attachments after a solid week out of the hospital - though I must admit that some details are more fuzzy than usual. I guess my brain wasn't working properly yet.

However, me and my new laptop (yay for a birthday while half passed out) are back in action and ready to read more.


Am I the only one who was so out of it after surgery? Anyone who was able to read? Please share so I can envy you!